Brookes Point, Palawan is a spot in the Philippines  renowned for great activities, breathtaking views and outstanding natural beauty.  Palawan has everything within a ferry ride away and includes hotels, casinos, zoos, waterfalls and nature reserves, some of the more popular attractions are listed below;

Sabsaban Falls Found in Cabar, Aribungas, Sabsaban Falls’ cool and pristine waters is sheltered by a watershed that forms a natural canopy from the sun. About 30 minutes from the town center, Sabsaban Falls may be reached by tricycle or on foot.

Port Miller & Lighthouse Tower A historical landmark in Brooke’s Point, Port Miller is a cemented water tank constructed as a source of potable water for the natives and settlers of the municipality. Reportedly built by Sir James Brooke himself, the remnants of the original lighthouse tower are still visible, although the area is now occupied by a new lighthouse.

Bakbakan Falls & Mainit Hot Springs Located in Barangay Mainit, the river drops over a steep rock face and falls 50 meters into a natural pool. There is also Mainit (hot), whose waters are reputed to have medicinal properties.

Brooke’s Point Ecological Park and Mt. Maruyog Farms Set amidst spectacular scenery, the Brooke’s Point Ecological Park and Mt Maruyog offer high-country buffs with some of nature’s most awesome vistas. The 145-hectare Ecological Park is the showcase of the municipality’s love and concern for nature.