In Palawan, you get an adventure every day. Just by getting from one place to another you get to live is already an adventure; by van or jeepney through green mountains or on small boats in the sea. Bataraza is a first class municipality in the province of Palawan, Philippines. It is named after Datu Bataraza Narrazid, a locally influential Muslim chieftain and father of the town’s first mayor and former mayor of Brooke’s Point, the late Datu Sapiodin Narrazid. Bataraza was part of the municipality of Brooke’s Point until 1964 by the virtue of Philippine RA 3425.  Palawan has activities available for all tastes. For people who like to sun bathe, there are many islands and beaches for rest. And for the ones who like adventure, there is the opportunity to live one every day. Palawan is definitely the best combination of adventure and leisure.