Brooke’s Point

Barangay Oring-Oring, located some 7 km from Poblacion proper is the birthplace of the World’s Biggest Pearl; known throughout the world as the Pearl of Allah or the Pearl of Lau-Tzu, this 14.1-pound porcelaneous pearl was found by a native Moslem in the seas of Oring-Oring. Valued in 1984 at USD $42 million, the ownership of this unique pearl is still in dispute. What is clear, however, is its origins: Oring-Oring, Brooke’s Point.  When Filipinos, people who live in a country of 7,107 islands and countless beaches, consider a place to be the epitome of tropical paradise, you know it must be something special. Palawan is exotic, even for Filipinos.  Trek up to the crater of an active volcano, marvel at the Filipino-Spanish architecture of preserved houses and churches and experience excellent snorkeling with rich marine life all within 3 hours of Manila.