Is It Still Safe To Travel To Philippines? – Brookes Point Palawan

Yes it is because the chance of you getting kidnapped or held as a hostage is bout 3% out of 100%. Just stay safe, don’t wear anything that attractive (so that men will not… you know) and be safe. The malls in the cities are fine to go to, stay at a hotel, and if you will, try to go and see what San Luis, Batangas is like. I know it’s beautiful there, my mom’s side of the family lives there. My great-great grandmother does too. Don’t go alone anywhere, stay with your friends. In Batangas, there are beaches, and a wonderful community pool. Well you have to pay to go to the pool, since it’s part of a hotel. You don’t have to stay at the hotel to go swimming there. In Mandaluying, Metromanila, go to the Mall of Asia. That is probably the biggest mall ever in Asia, so definitely go there is you love shopping! It’s right across from Manila Bay. On the bridge over to Manila bay, crossing, it’s very windy sometimes, like when my cousin and I went, all our hair was on our face! It can be windy, but sometimes it’s not, depending on the weather. If you go to Manila Bay, some water MIGHT splash you. The food is great.

Travelling To Philippines In The Rainy Season? – Brookes Point

I went in July a couple of years ago. It was ok with the weather and all. But the thing is, depending on where you live, there are a lot of floods. Where I was staying, ***** Oriental, did see much rain, but in the North I heart about a lot of floods. But if you still want to go, it’s pretty nice. Just don’t bring your camera out even if it’s sunny. My uncle went out and it just started raining. Lots of random raining in the Philippines, so be careful.

Sunset Greenland Garden Lodge – Brookes Point Palawan

Sunset Greenland Garden Lodge
Susan M. Miraflores
Mobile: (+63) 0927 519 2579
Poblacion, Brooke’s Point,
Palawan, Philippines / SunsetGreenlandGardenLodge / photos_albums

(PhP300-680) has non-air-con single (P100) and double (PhP250) rooms, non-air-con single/double rooms with bath (P300), air-con single/double rooms with bath (PhP500), restaurant, disco and extensive grounds.  Cel: (0919) 328-1766.  Puerto Princesa City booking office: Tel: 433-2239.

I can’t find any thing else about this hotel.  Their facebook page has hundreds of photos and it shows a very nice hotel.  I would certainly check their page first and contact them.

Seaweed farming, mariculture provide alternative livelihood

Post a comment –>. By Anna Valmero. QUEZON, PALAWAN – From a community devastated by the effects of rampant illegal fishing, this idyllic town now offers stories resonating hope for local fisher folks and conservationists. Palawan‘s coast hosts Quezon and five other municipalities—Taytay, Balabac, Coron, Magsaysay and San Vicente – serve as both harvest area and transfer points for live reef fish trade. Groupers account for a huge chunk of the live reef fish

Cost For A One Month Trip In The Philippines? – Brookes Point

I’m traveling to the Philippines this coming winter for a one month stay. I’ll be staying with my fiance who lives there. In addition to the grocery and everyday cost of supplies, we’ll probably do some traveling to the different islands, stay in hotels, and dine out several times. I’m also planning on checking out the shops and bringing back some souvenirs. How much should I be prepare to bring?

Will Palawan blasts affect tourism? | PalawanBrookes Point Palawan

MANILA, Philippines – Businesses are anxious about a backlash from would-be travelers after simultaneous blasts hit 2 of Palawan‘s most well-known tourist points El Nido and Puerto Princesa on Thursday, April 5. Puerto Princesa-Sabang Former El Nido Mayor Leonor Corral explained that most tourists were coming back from island-hopping tours, the main activity in El Nido, when the first explosion went off around 5:30 pm on the beachfront. The explosive was

Hotels that don't have much online information! – Brookes Point

Silayan Lodge

Silayan Lodge has non-air-con single (P75) and double (PhP150) rooms, non-air-con single (PhP170) and double (PhP200) rooms with bath and air-con single (PhP300) and double (PhP400) rooms with bath.

Phone: 639283470075


  • Villasenor Lodge has non-air-con single/double rooms.
  • Cristina Beach Resort, on Tagusao Shore, is located on a gray sand beach 7 kms. northeast of Brooke’s Point and 1.5 kms.
    off the main road.  It has non-air-con single/double rooms with or without bath, non-air-con cottages with bath, restaurant, recreation hall, mini-library and children’s park.  Puerto Princesa City booking office: tel: 433-4827.
  • Mount Maruyog Farms and Gardens, a mountain lodge at Sitio Impog, Brgy. Tubtub, has cottages (PhP150-200), a restaurant, treehouse, convention hall, mini zoo, orchard and sports facilities.  Cel: (0920) 676-1160, (0917) 700-0867, (0918) 530-8849, (0919) 760-0265 & (0919) 683-7822.
  • Rona’s Rendezvous Beach, at Punang, Espanola, has non-air-con rooms with common bath.
  • Gaspar Lodging House 
  • Glabs Lodge (PhP75, cel: 0919-451-9797)
  • Ilagan Lodge 
  • Scorta Lodge has non-air-con rooms with bath (PhP250-560).  Cel: (0917) 207-2601.  Also called “Scorta Pension House” 
  • GLABS LODGE:  At the stopover of Roro Bus in Brooke’s Point we were asking around on where we could stay for the night when one of the staff in the cafeteria told us that the establishment beside was in fact a lodging. We went there, asked for the price of their fan room (300 pesos/room/night) and decided to stay there for the night as the room was okay with our standards.

    It was only the next morning that we found out the name of the lodge, Glabs Lodge. They had a sari-sari store, a restaurant and a computer shop inside the establishment. There are only 2 problems that we had with the lodge, (1) it was noisy outside the room and (2) the water from the faucet seems to have strong water pressure but it takes time to fill up the bucket.

Do You Know Any Resorts And Nice Places To Visit At The

Boracay Island – arguably the world’s best beach with its warm blue waters, fine talcum like white sand and a palm-fringed 4 kilometer beach is still the Philippines’ favorite vacation hideaway… The world famous island is located in the province of Aklan which is 345 kms. south of Manila. It is accessible by air either from Manila or Cebu. Two Airports serves as the gateway to the island- Kalibo and Caticlan. Once you reach this island paradise, a day seems too short for various sights and sounds Boracay can offer the sun, sand or sea worshippers. Boracay Island Hotels and Resorts >> Boracay Gold Crowne >> La Carmela Boracay >> Escondido Resort >> Jony’s Resort >> Fairways & Bluewater >> Boracay Tropics >> Patio Pacific >> Microtel Inns & Suites Boracay >> Boracay Regency more hotels & resorts . . . Cebu – The Queen City of the South stands magnificent amongst all tourist and business destination of the Philippines–So modern and yet so unspoilt. Just an Hour flight from Manila, this province uniquely combines business and leisure right in your fingertips. Cebu Hotels and Resorts >> Alegre Beach Resort >> Cordova Reef Village Resort >> Costabella Tropical Resort >> Maribago Bluewater more hotels & resorts . . . Bohol – located in the Central Visayas Region, Bohol’s beauty lies in its natural wonders..Chocolate Hills, Hinagdanan Cave, Loboc River, to the magnificence of Baclayon Church, the rare Tarsier, touted as the oldest species of Mammal inhabiting the world today. Besides these, Bohol is certainly a place that offers more… Bohol Hotels and Resorts >> Flushing Meadows >> Bohol Beach Club >> Amarela Resort >> Alona Palm Beach Resort more hotels & resorts . . . Palawan – the country’s last environmental frontier, is blessed with 1780 islands and islets most of which have irregular coastlines that make excellent harbors. Palawan is surrounded by a coral shelf that abounds with varied and colorful marine life, hence the island province has been declared a nature sanctuary. Palawan Hotels and Resorts >> Club Paradise Resort >> El Rio Y Mar Island Resort >> Club Noah Isabelle >> Dos Palmas Resort >> Princesa Holiday Resort more hotels & resorts . . .

Where Should I Go In Singapore? – Brookes Point Palawan

I’ld like to take my children on vacation this May. They’re 5 years old. Where is the place you recommend to bring them? Can you recommend the hotel, which is near by the place, and shopping center (I’ll bring their mommy too, you know what a lady wanna do…)

Vacation To Boracay Or Palawan. Six People.? – Brookes Point

Hi, my sister and I are planning to go on a vacation to either boracay or palawan. I want to have an idea of how much we should save. Were going in about 2 years. I know its far in the future, but we really want to prepare and make it the best vacation ever. I’m going to be paying for myself and my 2 friends and my sister is going to be paying for herself and her 2 friends.(They already live in the Philippines.) So could you guys give us some suggestions?
So we want to go somewhere that has nice hotel rooms, but it doesn’t have to be a 5 star hotel. We just want it to have a comfy bed, fridge, tv, air conditioned, and a pool. Doesn’t have to have room service, but should have restaurants in the hotel or around it. Oh and the hotel should be walking distance to the beach.
We want a place that has a lot of sight seeing. Some place that we can go scuba diving, banana boat riding, kayaking, boat rides, island hopping, underground rivers. Things like that, doesn’t have to have all of it, but the first three I listed is a must. Were not much for bars and drinking. ( Well be three 21 year olds and three 19 year olds.) Although we would like to see some people. ( Hot guys! Haha!)
Sooo… Knowing all that info. Here are my questions.
1. What place would be ideal for us? Puerto Princesa, dos palmas, el nido, honda bay, boracay, etc…?
2. How much would a hotel like what I described cost for a week?
3. Do you have any suggestions for a hotel like that?
4. How much would water activities cost per person?
5. How much do you think 7 days of hotel+food+activities cost for 7 people?
6. Do you have any suggestions of other places I didn’t say?
7. Could you maybe make a little itinerary for me? (Thank you so much!)
8. Do you think its will be safe for 6 girls to go alone?
9. Around how much will 6 plane tickets from manila to where ever you suggest cost?
I cant think of any other questions right now. So thank you so much if you answer this question. :D
BTW, do you think renting a house for a week will cost less instead of going to a hotel? Do you know of any places that you could rent a house or cabin (like in dos palmas)? How much is something like that anyway? It should still have most of the activities and things I mentioned earlier.
Oh and don’t include the plane ticket from CA to the philippines in your estimate of how much we would spend. Thanks a million!:D