Philippine Ecotourism:Enchanting El Nido episode – Palawan hornbill.mp4

Philippine Ecotourism:Enchanting El Nido episode - Palawan hornbill.mp4It’s more fun in the Philippines! Visit the Philippines! Challenge you’re survival capabilities-crowded and busy cities! Outsmart the devils-thieves and crime people everywhere! Enjoy it’s beauty and abundance! Explore it’s mysteries! And have you’re adventure! Remember ” You’re travel depends on you ” Be with the Right people at the right place! Support responsible travel: Support Ecotourism!

palawan invasion 2012 starship

palawan invasion 2012 starship

Inner Dance Process (Audio Files)

Inner Dance Process (Audio Files)During the first Inner Dance Teacher Initiatory Trainings, I heavily documented and carefully prepared powerpoints, gave handouts and focused on numerous principles that brought deeper perspectives that could assist anyone who wished to come into self-observation and to share the process with others. During the last Inner Dance intensive trainings, workshops and sessions held in Boracay, Malaysia, Singapore and Palawan, Lou Eu, an inner dance teacher from KL, has been placing a small Sony recorder microphone near me and anyone who was sharing. Granted that I have been opting to flow more spontaneously during this year’s many gatherings, which has simplified and allowed specific wisdom to come from the participants particular to the intentions and context of the work, the compiled audio fil

Mon Confiado invites us to watch BAYBAYIN (Cinema One 2012 Film Fest entry)

Mon Confiado invites us to watch BAYBAYIN (Cinema One 2012 Film Fest entry)BAYBAYIN – a movie directed by Auraeus Solito – is a tale of two half sisters both in love with a man who can’t hear or talk to them, proof that love can communicate even in silence. Thi sequel/ prequel to “Busong” is also based on Palawan legends. Starring: Alessandra de Rossi, Assunta de Rossi, Adrian Sebastian, Mon Confiado

Riversong AG

Riversong AGOur praise and worship group in Rio Tuba, Palawan, has grown from three souls to 40 plus individuals who hunger in serving God.

EL NIDO Explore! (2012)

EL NIDO Explore! (2012)* May 2012. * El Nido, Palawan., PH

EL NIDO 2012 (Under The Sun)

EL NIDO 2012 (Under The Sun)* Exploring EL Nido. Palawan. PH

Laikin by Atif Ali Khan (Official Music Video)

Laikin by Atif Ali Khan (Official Music Video)Synopsis: Laikin (But in English) is a story of an alcoholic girl who lost her love due to her habit and commits suicide when she could no longer have control on her addiction. The guy on the contrary realizes that love is true only when unconditional- rest is just compromise. Singer: Atif Ali Khan Song: Laikin (But) Cinematographer: Lawrence Gomes Actress: Skarlotte La Petiote from France Location: Underwater World Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Towers Singapore, Palawan Beach Singapore Post: The DabLAB Inc. and Frame of Mind Contact:

Earthbag Construction in Coron, Palawan

Earthbag Construction in Coron, Palawan And then something happened while we were building Castillo, our dream house. A lot of people showed interest in our earthbag house. They wanted to build the same house for their family . They wanted to make the same things for the house using alternative materials. The project unexpectedly opened up a lot of possibilities. I realized I can give something to the community.

HTU MOB DANCE: Robinson’s Place Palawan.

HTU MOB DANCE: Robinson's Place Palawan.Featuring Trinitians and Tenants from Robinson’s Place Palawan Performed last October 14, 2012