Do You Know Any Resorts And Nice Places To Visit At The Philippines?

I just want to know and just want to ask!
more resorts,more places and more information much better!

What Are The Top 10 Beaches In The Philippines And Why Do You Like Them?

I’m planning to go to the beach this trip and I’m wondering what the best beaches are and what makes them special to you so maybe I can visit them.

Hello What Are The Best Places In The Philippines To Visit?

I guess I should qualify that question by saying my friend and I (both males) have 2 weeks to spend in the Philippines, Nov 15- 30..I have heard the weather is not so good in all the places so i am asking for recommendations from experienced travelers and locals. There are 7000+ islands so I figured hearing from an experienced travel/local would be a great idea.
We were thinking Manila, Boracay, Cebu/ Bantayan Island, and somewhere in Palawan. We are familiar with the Filipino culture as we have many of them here in my hometown. We would like to do some snorkeling/scuba diving, jetskiing, maybe see waterfalls, historical sights, we dont mind remote places for some of our trip BUT a big part of our trip is also that we also want to interact with the locals and be somewhere where there are people and nightlife/discos and things.
We would appreciate the advice of experienced travelers and locals.
Thanks a million

2 Months. Indonesia Or Philippines????

I’ve bacpacked around mainland SEA and will have mid- March till mid-May to spend in one of these island nations.
Philippines would be Luzon, Mindoro, and maybe Palawan
Indonesia would be Java, Bali, and maybe Lombok.
Looking for opinions, suggestions, and advice.
Food, culture, people, cities, costs, travel, sights, festivals, etc.
Pros and cons.
Thanks and Happy New Year!

Vacation To Boracay Or Palawan. Six People.?

Hi, my sister and I are planning to go on a vacation to either boracay or palawan. I want to have an idea of how much we should save. Were going in about 2 years. I know its far in the future, but we really want to prepare and make it the best vacation ever. I’m going to be paying for myself and my 2 friends and my sister is going to be paying for herself and her 2 friends.(They already live in the Philippines.) So could you guys give us some suggestions?
So we want to go somewhere that has nice hotel rooms, but it doesn’t have to be a 5 star hotel. We just want it to have a comfy bed, fridge, tv, air conditioned, and a pool. Doesn’t have to have room service, but should have restaurants in the hotel or around it. Oh and the hotel should be walking distance to the beach.
We want a place that has a lot of sight seeing. Some place that we can go scuba diving, banana boat riding, kayaking, boat rides, island hopping, underground rivers. Things like that, doesn’t have to have all of it, but the first three I listed is a must. Were not much for bars and drinking. ( Well be three 21 year olds and three 19 year olds.) Although we would like to see some people. ( Hot guys! Haha!)
Sooo… Knowing all that info. Here are my questions.
1. What place would be ideal for us? Puerto Princesa, dos palmas, el nido, honda bay, boracay, etc…?
2. How much would a hotel like what I described cost for a week?
3. Do you have any suggestions for a hotel like that?
4. How much would water activities cost per person?
5. How much do you think 7 days of hotel+food+activities cost for 7 people?
6. Do you have any suggestions of other places I didn’t say?
7. Could you maybe make a little itinerary for me? (Thank you so much!)
8. Do you think its will be safe for 6 girls to go alone?
9. Around how much will 6 plane tickets from manila to where ever you suggest cost?
I cant think of any other questions right now. So thank you so much if you answer this question. 😀
BTW, do you think renting a house for a week will cost less instead of going to a hotel? Do you know of any places that you could rent a house or cabin (like in dos palmas)? How much is something like that anyway? It should still have most of the activities and things I mentioned earlier.
Oh and don’t include the plane ticket from CA to the philippines in your estimate of how much we would spend. Thanks a million!:D

What Is The Best Place In Palawan, Where I Can Take My Vacation And See Wonderful Sight?

I have only been to Club Noah in Palawan. it is a great place, nice, yummy food.. they got snorkeling spot just in the island.. the island hopping is a must.. the scuba diving for beginners (sampling) is a must try.. the rooms/huts are very cozy.. with great view of the ocean.. you can also feed fish (if you got bread) in your veranda.. no tv or radio.. pure nature.. very relaxing..
there are other beautiful resorts in Palawan.. and i definitely want to go back..