How Much Does A Dialysis Cost In Davao City Philippines?

We are anticipating traveling to the Philippines, son is on dialysis, US ins. will not pay out of US, need to know what it will cost for treatment in Philippines. Have e-mailed Docotors Hospital and cannot get a reply. Must know if affordable.

What Is The Best Time For Someone To Travel To The Philippines?

I’ll be spending some time in Malaysia, I was thinking about paying the Philippines a visit. I will be going in September, but I still wonder, what is the best time for someone as a tourist to pay a visit? What are things you must know? Stuff that the tour guides won’t tell you about…

What Is The Best Month Cost Wise To Travel To The Philippines From Atlanta?

What is the most economical month to fly to the philippines from atlanta?

I Am Traveling To The Philippines Next Month For The Purpose Of Marriage. What Visa Do I Need?

I am intending to live in the Philippines after we are married.

How Much Money For 3-4 Weeks In Philippines?

i want to travel to philippines. besides the flight ticket, how much would it cost for me to be there for 3-4 weeks on an extremely low budget but still be comfortable? (like cheap lodging but nothing sketchy. and cheep food but also doing touristy things.)

Security Risks To Americans In The Philippines?

The United States stronger urges Americans to “carefully Consider the risks” of traveling to the Philippines. Can anyone elaborate on this issure? I hear Filipinos say, the vast majority are good, caring and considerate people and have alot of compassion and respect. Are Americans hated over there to or what? I can tell you also the same holds true for the vast majority of Americans are good decent people. The Philippines is paradise and I am coming to see it! Hopefully with no serious issures.

Can U Still Travel To Philippines With A Travel Documents?

I lost my passport but im leaving in two weeks so the philippine consulate here in toronto adviced me to apply a travel documents.. Would i have a problem in the Airport with that?

What Is The Allowance For A Family Through Philippine Customs?

Hi. My wife, my nephews and I will be traveling to the Philippines in a couple of weeks. We are going to bring 7 boxes of gifts (chocolates, candies, clothes) and one luggage for our clothes. These are gifts coming from us and other family members here in the USA. My question is what is the dollar amount allowed for a family to bring gifts by the Philippine customs. I have been searching but cannot find a definitive answers.
Thank you in advance for your answers

Where To Stay When In Bohol, Philippines, Sightseeing Around The Chocolate Hills?

We are traveling to the Philippines and want to visit the Chocolate HIlls in Bohol. Any recommendations on hotels/lodging in the area?

I Am An Indian Travelling From Philippines To Chennai. Is The Transit Visa For Malaysia Available On Arrival?

I will not be leaving the airport. I am travelling by air asia.