If You Ever Travelled To The Philippines, What Do You Think Of It?

I am travelling to philippines next month and was wondering what people thought of that country???

What Does It Mean When A Person Asks The Same Question Over & Over Again Here In Yahoo Answers?

I’ve already answered that question 6 days ago. Then she picked me as her best answer then she told me that her problem was now solved. And now I saw that same question posted again. Can’t supply the links, I’m sorry. I don’t want to pinpoint.
It’s not here in Travel Philippines.

If You Are Planning To Visit The Philippines Which Places Would You Like To See And Check Out?

If you are planning to travel the Philippines which places would you like to see and check out?

Can A Filipino-german Citizen Travel From Philippines To Paris France Without Visa?

I’m a Filipino-German, can I travel from Philippines to Paris France without needing a Visa?

How Do You Delete An Ad Posted In Friendster Classifieds ?

Several months ago I posted several ads in Friendster Classified. I want to delete those ads since the product had been sold or the price of the product had changed.
Note : I placed this question in the Travel > Philippines section since thousands of Filipinos have Friendster accounts.
Thank you.

Is Bislig City In Philippines Safe For Americans To Travel To Or Should I Avoid That Area?

So I’m traveling to Philippines soon and I gotta say, I’m a little nervous. I’ve hear a lot of bad stories about the southern part of Philippines. But some friends want me to visit so I agreed. They live in Bislig City, and the parent to whom I really want to meet, aren’t really willing to travel to Davao which I know is a safer area sorta… But I would really like to know what you think. Thanks in advance.

Is It Possible To Travel And Have Fun In Philippines With Only 1000 Dollars?

im planning to travel in Philippines but i am a little bit worried if 1000 dollars is going to fit me for a month. is that possible?

What Is The Cheapest Airfare To Travel To Philippines From India.?

I am from India and now I am looking forward to travel to the Philippines.i want to know which airline gives the cheapest airfare to travel to Philippines.

Traveling To Philippines For 21 Days My Flight Is Two Days Does My 21 Days Start When I Get To Cebu.?

Traveling to philippines does my 21 days start at airport or when i leave US.

I Live In Dallas And Lost My Passport But I Have Green Card,can I Travel In Philippines Without A Passport?

i’m a filipino,lost my passport,but i have the photocopy of my passport,can i travel philippines without my passport?