What Makes The Filipino People So Friendly And Gracious To Foreigners Visiting Their Country?

I did some research on traveling to the Philippines, and was surprised at the numerous friendly faces of this Southeast Asian archipelagic nation. So why are they so very friendly to foreign tourists, even though they are strangers there? What makes them that way? I’m very puzzled about this.

What Are The Top Travel Agency In The Philippines?

regional travel agency in the philippines, and why do they consider it the top travel agency?

Should I Travel To El Salvador With A Friend?

I have a friend from El Salvador who wants to take me there on a vacation, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea. He says it’s beautiful and fun to see. But I’ve traveled to the Philippines so I already know what a third world Hell looks like, and besides, I’m not sure that it’s safe. And how great can it be if so many people are desperately trying to leave? But maybe it would be ok as a tourist. Any advice?

When Someone Asks For Travel Advice About The Philippines Based On Experience, Is That Debatable?

Intelligent askers also know that google and travel agencies exist. So if someone asks for recommendations from people here BASED ON THEIR OWN travel experiences, isn’t that clear enough? That maybe fresh, off-the beaten-path destinations are preferred? Why must anybody respond with 10,000 words of nonsense? Deliver(ance) us Lord from evil.

What Airlines Is The Safest Way To Travel?

i want to travel from canada to philippines, and in this year, theres a lot of plane accident, what do you think is the safest airlines? and the worst?..thanks guys

Is It Advisable To Travel Within The Philippines During Araw Ng Kagitingan?

I plan to travel on April 9 to Manila only for a friend’s birthday on the 10th then I have to be back home by the 11th.
How exactly is Araw ng Kagitingan celebrated? Will traffic be a problem?

How To Filipinos Justify Eating Pork Since The Bible Says Not To Do It?

I’ve traveled to the Philippines a few times, and I’m curious about something. They are very religious people, and they also love pork. The bible says not to eat pork, so how do filipinos justify it? I know that pork is a huge part of filipino culture and tradition, but they are also so religious.

What Kind Of Visa Do I Need To Live In The Philippines?

I am a british citizen currently living in the UK. My stepmother is Filipina. I am travelling to the Philippines shortly and wondering which type of VISA I need and if it is possible for me to apply for the Balikbayan VISA?

If Yap Were To Form A Band, What Musical Instrument Would You Like To Play?

YAP – this section Yahoo>Travel>Philippines
If you prefer to do vocals, it’s okay too.

What Is The Best Bus Line To Use Traveling In The Philippines?

In particular, what is the best bus line for travel from Manila to Baguio? Why do you rate your choice so highly?