Do I Need A Visitor Visa For The Philippines?

I am traveling to the Philippines in July to marry my fiance (a Filipino citizen). My length of stay will be one month. Since I will be married to my fiance, will I still need to apply for a visitor visa for longer than the allowed 21 days without it to stay for the full time?
I am aware of the need for a Legal Capacity to Marry from my embassy for the philippines.

Traveling To The Philippines With An Expiring Passport?

My girlfriend is a Philippine passport holder and she’s leaving for the Philippines on January 2009, but her passport will be expiring April 2009. She’s planning to renew her passport in the Philippines. Is it going to be a problem entering the Philippines?

What Documents Do I Need To Travel To The Philippines?

I know that I need a passport. I am going to marry my fiance in the Philippines. I have been divorced twiced in the US.

Who Asks The Best Questions Of Life And Travel In The Philippines?

Serious travelers, tourists and potential retirees are curious and deserve the best advice and opinions.
After all they say ” it is more fun in the Philippines”, so prove it or disprove it.
I’m as guilty as the next person to offer some humor but I’ve never been there and I’m sure you will notice that my answers are not relevant to life in the Philippines.
My only experience is with Filipinos and Filipinas living in the US and what they tell me. Which is just an opinion and out of date.

I Am A Us Soldier How Will I Enter Philippines For Vacation?

what requirements do i need to travel to philippines from kuwait?

How Can I Travel To The Philippines For Free?

I recently met a wonderful girl from Cebu and want to travel there to meet her and her family and possibly move there. I don’t have a lot of money and was curious about free travel.

What Should I Do With My Electric Guitar?

I’ll be moving to the Philippines in over a few months. I have an electric guitar I want to bring with me. Fortunately, the nature of the guitar can be dissassembled into seperate parts for easier shipping.
1) Should I dissasemble my guitar and carefully pack it with the items, that will be shipped to PI via “balikbayan” type shipping boxes.
2) Or should I just keep my guitar whole (in its case) and bring it with me on the plane? We’ll be flying on Philippine Airlines
3) If I ship the guitar parts spearately in “balikbayan” boxes, will I risk the guitar parts being stolen while being shipped? Or is it better for me to bring the guitar with me on the airplane? What would be my risks?
Anyone with experience traveling to Philippines shipping or bringing guitars over to Philipppines?
I’d be really grateful for any advise or recommendations concerning this, thank you.
Looking forward to hearing from your replies. Again, thanks.

My Sister Is In Ivory Coast And No Philippine Consulate In The Country.can She Travel Home To The Philippines?

My sister is in ivory coast in west africa. There is no Philippine consulate in Ivory Coast. Can she travel back to the Philippines to renew her passport?

Can I Travel Back To The Philippines Only With A Valid Green Card And Expired Philippines Passport?

I only have a green card. My Philippines passport is already way expired. I am planning to visit my family in the Philippines in 2 weeks and do not have time to wait and have it renewed here in the U.S. because it takes 6 weeks. I really need to leave soon. Can I use my expired passport traveling back to the Philippines and just have it renewed when I get there and make sure I have a valid passport before I go back to USA?

How Long Is The Passport Validity For Traveling Abroad?

Can i still use my passport for traveling in the Philippines in April though it will expired in July?I have plan to renew my passport there.Do i still need my passport in re-entering in the state?