What Do I Do To Keep From Catching Something When I Travel To The Philippines.?

I just was in the Philippines for 2 months and I caught a bug that kicked my___. No females involved. What could it have been and how do I prevent this again?

When Is The High Season For Ticket Prices Travelling To The Philippines?

When is the “High Season” for Philippines tickets, going from Florida to Manila? Would the first week of May fall into the category of LOW Season or HIGH Season?

What Kind Of Requirement Do We Need For My American Citizen Child And Im Green Card Holder To Travel Phils.?

my child was born in philippines and shes american citizen and im green card holder, we wish to travel philippines but what kind of requirements do we need?

With All The Troubles Going On In Mindanao, How Safe Is It In The Rest Of The Philippines?

I’ll be in the Philippines for 10 weeks in the beginning of next year. I follow the news a bit on BBC news, and it seems like there is a lot going on right now.
How safe is it to travel through the Philippines, if I avoid Mindanao? For example, how safe is Palawan, regarding to the tourist kidnaps a few years ago?

What Airline Would I Use To Travel Within The Philippines ?

Would travel by boat be better ? I am going to have to go from Clark to Cebu…I need to plan my upcoming trip.

How Do Computer Prices And Quality Compare Between The States And Philippines?

I will be traveling to the philippines soon and would like to get a computer (notebook probably) for a friend there. Should I buy here (USA) or will I find better deals in Manila (or surrounding region). I have found several good laptops and notebooks here for around $300-$500 (14k-23k PHP)

How Can I Get Internet In The Philippines ?

I am traveling in the Philippines , and i need internet service, what would be the best one? I need it in Makati , and it has to be prepaid , something like a usb internet would be amazing.
Can you help me?

Immunizations Before Travel To The Philippines?

Do I need any immunizations before I travel to the Philippines? I will be staying outside of Manilla.
Also, how can I avoid Typhoid? My father in law who was Philippino died of Typhoid last year while vacationing in Laguna.

Can I Apply For Visa While In The Philippines?

We are traveling to the Philippines for a 80 day stay. Is it possible to apply for a visa while in the Philippines or would we be refused entry without a Visa? Are there many places other than Manila if we can do this while visiting?

Do I Need A Passport To Travel Domestic In The Philippines?

do i need a passport to travel domestic in the philippines?