What Do I Have To Expect When Traveling To The Philippines During The Christmas Holidays?

For some time, I’ve been watching a lot of video clips of Christmas in the Philippines. The images were very beautiful, filled with a lot of elaborate and colorful decorations. I plan to go there sometime soon for the holidays and to experience the whole thing for myself. What do I have to expect out of this? Also, what treatment do I have to receive from the friendly Filipinos during the holiday season?

Indian Citizen Living In Us Need Business Visa To Philippines?

I’m an Indian citizen living in the US for the last 1 yr (I’m a legal worker with L1 visa). I need to travel to Philippines for Official purpose. Do I need a Philippines visa before traveling (or) can I get a On-Arrival stamping provided I’m having all the required papers (Invitation letter, company docs). If visa is reqd, whats the process like, I stay in Bay area, California.

What Is The Best Tour Package To Asian Destinations Offered By Local Travel Agencies In Manila, Philippines?

I would like to travel to Hongkong, Singapore, Bangkok, Malaysia, Indonesia with 2 companions on different dates for each destination.

What Month Is The Cheapest Time To Fly From Australia To Philippines?

thinking to traveling to philippines with my newborn son

What Are Philippine Fast Food Chains, Street Food, Snacks Or Desserts That Are Best While Travel In Philippine?

What are Philippine Fast Food Chains, Street food, Snacks or Desserts that are best while travel in Philippines?
My plan to travel in the philippines makes me wonder if i could eat the best delicacies in each region.

Can I Stay In The Philippines For 59 Days Without A Visa?

I have a valid International Passport. I will be traveling to the Philippines in October. The country entry is for 21 days & their maximum stay is for 59 days. Upon arrival, it is to my understanding that the Immigration must see on my round-trip ticket that I will be leaving in 21 days. Can I book my round-trip ticket for 59 days & stay for those 59 days even though the Philippine Immigration needs to see that I must leave in 21 days?

How Often Do You Check In @ Yahoo Travel Philippines?

Do you stay logged on?
Once daily?
2 times?
3 or more times?
Do you visit other sites like Sports or Relationships or any other?
I admit, I stop by at least once a day some times twice because I’m interested in the Philippines and the people. Since, I’ll be with one for a very long time.

What Do You Need In Order To Travel To Philippines? What Kind Of Documents?

I am American, I have my passport. What kind of money do I need in my bank account so I can travel there? Does my boyfriend in Philippines have to make a certain amount of money for me to be able to go there? I want to go to Philippines later this year.

Best/cheapest Way To Use My Money In The Philippines From Australia?

I’m traveling to The Philippines and want to know the best option for using my money there. I used the Commonwealth Travel Money Card but the fees for transactions, eftpos etc were expensive.

What Are Some Nice Places To Visit In The Philippines, Particularly In Manila?

Do most Filipinos speak English in Manila to help getting around be easier and what forms of transportation do you recommend? Also what are some things that should and shouln’t be done when travelling to the Philippines?