Has Anyone Recently Traveled To The Philippines On A Space Available Flight With The Military?

I wanted to find out more about Space A flights and was wondering if anybody traveled to the Philippines on one of these? What was the experience like and would you recommend it?

Is It Illegal To Bring A Dildo Into The Philippines While Travelling?

Hi all –
Is it illegal to bring a dildo into the Philippines while travelling? Would Philippines Customs confiscate it, and would I get in trouble or be denied entry for trying…? Please advise… ty :)

How Is The Airport Security Now On International Travel?

I will be traveling to Philippines on January..
Can I bring my laptop, cellphone, Ipod, or Portable DVD player with me as a handcarry?
I just heard in the recent that they have tightened the security that you cannot even bring water to the plane..
Whoa!! What else do they want us to do? Be naked in the flight, or wear some kind a suit that they provide for security purpose.
Please let me know.. I don’t want my Electronic device to be confiscated and be put in for check in baggage.
Alse please let me know what or not to bring on my handcarry luggage..
Any Experience?

How Safe Is It To Travel To The Philippines?

I’ve been reading about the recent bombing at an airport in Zamboanga City where two bombers were killed and a dozen were injured. The bomb was meant for a provincial governor who was on his way out of the airport. I read about the bombings in various parts of the country in the past (i.e. Rizal Day bombings throughout parts of Metro Manila), so how safe is it to travel to the Philippines in spite of this?

How Much Is The Travelling Expenses From Philippines To Hongkong?

How much is the travelling expenses from Philippines to hongkong in Philiipine Peso

International Travel Minimal Age From Philippines?

what is minimal age to allow to travel from Philippines i meant , international travel??

My Philippine Passport Will Expire In 4 Months, I Am Currently In Dubai, Can I Still Travel To Philippines?

I’ve heard that green Philippine passport are still valid till the expiration date, so I have the impression that I can still travel to the Philippines with a passport which has still 4 months before it expires, but my question is will I be able to travel back to Dubai (after a month vacation) with the same passport (only 3 months left before it expires) with valid Dubai residence visa?

My Kids Passport Expires April 2009 And Will Be Travelling In The Philippines This Dec- Jan.do I Need To Renew?

Me and my whole family will be travelling to Philippines Dec-Jan.2009 via Singapore. My kids passport expires on April of next year.Do you think i need to renew my kids passport?

What Is The Cheapest Airfare To Travel From India To The Philippines?

I am from India and I am now looking forward to travel to the Philippines.so I want to know which airline in India offers the cheapest airfare to travel to Philippines.

Is It Still Safe To Travel To Philippines?

Due to the recent kidnappings in the Philly, is it still safe to travel in the Philippines? I’d love to go soon with my friends, but i don’t want to end up as a hostage for ransom.
An enlightenment on this issue will be just great.