Commerce and Trade

· Trade and commerce has been gradually escalating in and around Brooke’s Point and the municipality is being recognized as an important hub of commercial and other socio-economic activities in the south.

· Several agricultural trading establishments, financing institutions and motorcycle outlets have been put up in the municipality which has encouraged the growth of small and medium enterprises, anything from a small store beside the house to a mobile food stall installed on a bicycle’s sidecar.

· In the same way, the municipality has become the drop-off point of various fruits and vegetables, ornamental plants, livestock, household goods, local handicrafts, and native delicacies coming from the neighboring municipalities during TABUAN, which is every Monday and Friday.

· Traders would come to the municipality to buy goods and sell these to other towns.

· As of 2008, there were 1,218 business establishments in the municipality, aside from the tiny food kiosks that operate in and around Barangay Poblacion I and II late in the afternoon.

· Majority or 62.23% of these establishments in operation were wholesale and retail businesses or sari-sari stores, followed by agricultural trading or activities with a share of 13.22% and hotels and restaurants, 5.67%.

· The presence of sea port and accessibility of the area to all kinds of land transportation and communication facilities also enhanced agricultural trading in the area.

· The principal products shipped out of the municipality are copra, rice, corn, and coffee, and live animals such as carabao, cattle, and goat.

· And with the slaughterhouse, meats supplied to the market are surely safe.

· There was 862 heads of cattle, 4,653 pigs and 21 goats slaughtered in the abattoir.