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Mental Math: Easy Rules Of Thumb For Converting Currency (gadling)

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Being in a new country is full of enough culture shock – trying to remember
how many dollars to the krona doesn’t need to be part of it.

After all, constantly whipping out a calculator (well, a cellphone) and
spending five minutes trying to figure out if that sandwich is _really _a good
price is a waste of your valuable vacation time.

To make things easier on you, here are some basic rules of thumb to help you
guesstimate the exchange rates in a sampling of different countries.

It’s important to note that currencies fluctuate all the time, so these rules
of thumb should not be used as actual foundations for financial transactions.
They were based off the most recent exchange rates as of midweek on the week
of November 5, 2012. If you actually want to know what the exchange rate is
for a given country, look it up. And if you want to know again a week …


How a Successful 20 Year Old College Dropout looks at Money

i remember way back around a year ago, about exactly a year ago, i was talking with my workers that pack envelopes. those times, i was making more than 15 paychecks per bi-month, there were checks that were as high as $800+, that was somewhat the peak of my business, that we worked every other day just packing envelopes about 6-7 hours a day. and thats with the assembly line. attached below is a photo of the packing.

i think i told these to my workers one day when i was gonna give the paychecks.. i think i was giving bonuses that time, i cant really remember..

but i explained to them during my speech about it..

i told them that i see money differently than most people especially at that point of my life where my business was just unbelieveable. i told them that for me, money is just an award for my hardwork… i made an analogy to compare it with basketball… say for example we because the champions in our high school basketball team, we then earn a big shiny gold trophy as a reward… but the trophy is really nothing, what really matters is the fame and pride of being champions.. it is the hard work and determination and how we never failed that makes me happy about myself.. even if it werent a gold shiny trophy, rather it was just a crappy medal that looks so ugly, it doesnt matter, whats important and what i will be happy of is that we were the champions of the basketball in high school. a trophy i can just have it made at a custom trophy shop. and put on it “chris, high school champion”, and magic! i am the champion! i can be happy about it, but deep inside i dont feel successful.

for business, money is the reward of being successful. but in reality, money is not all my goal and passion… it is not the main thing im after, but its the fame and pride of being able to support myself financially, and the service of business to others, making it a better economy. it is to prove to myself, my family and friends, that i am successful. it is to show my hardwork and how persistent i am..

in fact, even at first when i started business when i was about in my early 17s, i never started that business coz i needed money… or because i wanted to buy something.. or i wanted to put new stuff in my car… NO! i just enjoyed business and wanted to try it out..

business was more like a HOBBY to me… until now, it is still something i enjoy doing.. people that love basketball love to play basketball — they look forward to play everyday and enjoy it… i love business, so i love to work and do business — its something i look forward also doing everyday!

until now, even my real estate investment, even although there are problems and i am spending more than how much i expected to earn, also including the problems i had with my contractor that i had to switch contractors, i was a big pain in the ass for me… even marketing and dealing with unhappy tenants that i have been promising their move in date to be last june 1, then june 12, then now july 1, i have been embarrassed of myself.. but all of these challenges i ENJOY! they make me a better person… i love challenges, and overcoming them is an obstacle… its like playing a game, to beat the enemy.. the enemy which is the problem or the challenge..

with money, during my earlier years, before i was successful at the age of my late 18s, i knew how to spend money.. spend it very very wisely.. well yes, my mom isnt selfish with money, that whatever i want, she will give me.. when we bought a car when we first went to the US, i wanted just a normal used corolla, maybe something we can buy for $5,000 and get us to places… i wanted to start with that car, and to spend money on more important things… my mom said no, lets get a better car than that… i still insisted on just getting a cheap reliable car… well we ended up deciding to get a brand new car that will last, at the decision of my mom..

well i said that lets just go for a brand new civic… its one of the most reliable cars, and one of the best buys at the lowest price… its very practical.. i suggested that… well when we were at the honda shop, my uncle was insisting that i just get a mercedes benz, and my mom was also agreeing with him.. a benz would just be around $5,000 more than the civic.. my mom kept on asking me if i should just get the civic, or maybe i wanted a benz instead? i said, lets just stay with the civic… although if i wanted the benz, we could of got that instead…

thats how i look on money before…

there were times that my friends go to starbucks, and i dont even buy anything, but i REALLY was craving for some iced frap… but i stopped myself…

i was a very wise person with money before. i really didnt spend too much… all i spent was on was just cheap fast food and gas… maybe $100 should last me about 3 weeks (not including gas)… i obviously didnt have a job that time..

i was planning of taking out some friends of mine to a date before, but i have been holding back, to the fact that i dont want to pay for their food.. as i know that the money ill be spending will be coming from mommy.. i was actually even thinking of asking my friend if we can have separate bills if i were to take her out..

small gambling, as some of my friends do (just small stakes), i have been always avoiding… i rarely gambled, and each time i lose, i felt VERY BAD deep inside, because i know that money came from mommy… i was their money that i just threw away..

i lived my teenage life without an allowance… im not saying that i didnt have money or i wasnt given money, actually if i wanted money, my mom would give it to me… if i wanted to buy some bling bling, i know my mom will give it to me… i never had daily allowance during my high school days, but rather, i just spend, and when im low with cash, then i ask for more money… just that simple, no rules… but i was WISE with money, i spent way less than the average high school student… i wasnt a heavy spender..

i remember that i always go straight to the sale rack whenever i go shopping… if it aint in the sale rack, although if i wanted something badly, i would never buy it!

i oftenly also reject money when my mom offers to give me money when times that i know that i still have enough money still… but money was always there when i needed it..

i would say all in all, i learned about money habits by EXPERIENCE. i learned to spend money INDEPENDENTLY. many parents give their children daily allowance, that the person is only limited to spend that much, and if the person SAVES, then he would be able to buy the luxories that they want… thats how most children and teens go about, but i was just different from that.

when i was 17 and early 18, i have been having businesses… they were almost just slightly profitable… not too much profit, but a little profit.. maybe i would say a good $5 profit per day.. but with that $5 i was making each day, i didnt spend money differently.. i was still the same money spender i was… its not like i was able to buy nice clothes then, or something like that.. i didnt even mind that $5 at all… it wasnt anything to me… what was important to me was the experience of doing business… knowing the ins and outs of business..

during then my late 18s, when i started to make profits, (3 digit figures profits a day), then i slowly became loose with my spending.. i have been treating my friends out for some shakes and drinks… treating people out for lunch, etc. i did it very slowly…

the christmas of 2004, when i was in my late 18s still, i felt that i was making so much profits that i wanted to give back to others the blessings i received.. it was christmas, and i made a gift to more than 20 people.. i wrote them each a check of $100 each as christmas gifts… i wanted to prove to myself as a ungreedy person, and show to others that i am not selfish… these people include my close friends, relatives, employees, and even the mailmen that i see every other day.

i wouldnt give them all, but many times that i donated to non-profits, to foundations… i dont think i even remember half of them..

i remember the day when i bought my car, the evo, that was feb of 2005. one of my close friend’s mom was in financial problems.. she was low on cash, and had bills to pay… as being a person that is successful and just bought a car, i personally went to her house and offered her a check to help her with her finances… i wont say the exact amount, but its around $500.

that week also when i bought the evo, i had it blessed by our parish priest, then after blessing the car, i told our priest, that i have been so successful lately with business, that i was able to buy my own car myself. but i also thank God for the blessings, and if i am able to buy my own car, i should also be able to donate to the church. i gave him a check for the church… amount is around the same amount as above..

i feel so nice of myself, that i can also share Gods blessings to others.

most recent one was just yesterday. my friend melissa from gawad kalinga, to keep it short, i made a donation for the tuition fee of teenagers that cannot afford their college tuition, since school is starting about now.. there were about 15 teenagers that we sponsored, i gave about 1/3 of the total sponsorship needed. i wont say the exact amount.

i have been independent with my spending… i focus more on what i earn rather on how much i save… if i needed more money, then i would work more and thus earn more… most people SAVE MONEY to have more money… i EARN more money if i need more..

just a while ago my mom was offering me money because she wanted to pay for my tuition fee (i am taking a class at ateneo). tuition is 23,000 pesos, she said she wants to pay for it instead of me, but i rejected it and i just paid it myself… i know i have money, and i could afford it.. even the seminars that i attend… but i very very VERY appreciate her offer to me, that education is something that she wants to offer to me from her end… it was touching on what she did.Chris Angeles is a young entrepreneur at the age of 20. He learns more from experiences in the business world and making mistakes. He DOES beleive in education, and attends several seminars, entrepreneurial groups, meetings, cashflow events, etc., and he reads a lot of books in personal development and entrepreneurship. Learn more about him

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