Hello What Are The Best Places In The Philippines To Visit?

I guess I should qualify that question by saying my friend and I (both males) have 2 weeks to spend in the Philippines, Nov 15- 30..I have heard the weather is not so good in all the places so i am asking for recommendations from experienced travelers and locals. There are 7000+ islands so I figured hearing from an experienced travel/local would be a great idea.
We were thinking Manila, Boracay, Cebu/ Bantayan Island, and somewhere in Palawan. We are familiar with the Filipino culture as we have many of them here in my hometown. We would like to do some snorkeling/scuba diving, jetskiing, maybe see waterfalls, historical sights, we dont mind remote places for some of our trip BUT a big part of our trip is also that we also want to interact with the locals and be somewhere where there are people and nightlife/discos and things.
We would appreciate the advice of experienced travelers and locals.
Thanks a million