How The Geography Of The Country Affect The Filipino People?

In many ways, it affects us.
Due to our position in the globe (as a tropical country), we only have 2 seasons, wet and dry. We are also on the Pacific Ring of Fire, where the volcanoes are positioned like a “belt” surrounding the Pacific Ocean. Do you know Mt. Pinatubo? It was known for its explosion in 1991. The ashfall even reached Japan.
Speaking of calamities, the eastern Philippines is the most affected region when typhoons come. Especially the Bicol Region. Some earthquakes are also present, but mostly they are just on the magnitude of 2-4 (the normal ones).
As an archipelago, many provinces made fishing their primary means of industry. Others are proud of their white-sand beaches and surfing industries. Those really help the tourism in our country.
Here in the Metro, the Pasig River lies on the cities like Makati, Marikina, Manila, etc. The Pasig River was considered biologically dead due to the pollution made by people who live on the shores of the river (squatters).
On the north, people enjoy mountains and highlands. Some of them are the Sierra Madre Mountains and the highlands of Benguet and Mountain Province. Baguio City was known as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” since it’s cold there coz it’s like a city on a mountain. It also helped our tourism.
Some of our tourist attractions here are Boracay Island (white-sand beaches), Puerto Galera (beach), El Nido in Palawan (caves and beaches), SM Mall of Asia (really a huge mall), festivals (like the Ati-Atihan), and many others.
Our country has many things to offer. And besides, we’re on the list of the happiest and most respectful people in Asia!