Is It Still Safe To Travel To Philippines? – Brookes Point Palawan

Yes it is because the chance of you getting kidnapped or held as a hostage is bout 3% out of 100%. Just stay safe, don’t wear anything that attractive (so that men will not… you know) and be safe. The malls in the cities are fine to go to, stay at a hotel, and if you will, try to go and see what San Luis, Batangas is like. I know it’s beautiful there, my mom’s side of the family lives there. My great-great grandmother does too. Don’t go alone anywhere, stay with your friends. In Batangas, there are beaches, and a wonderful community pool. Well you have to pay to go to the pool, since it’s part of a hotel. You don’t have to stay at the hotel to go swimming there. In Mandaluying, Metromanila, go to the Mall of Asia. That is probably the biggest mall ever in Asia, so definitely go there is you love shopping! It’s right across from Manila Bay. On the bridge over to Manila bay, crossing, it’s very windy sometimes, like when my cousin and I went, all our hair was on our face! It can be windy, but sometimes it’s not, depending on the weather. If you go to Manila Bay, some water MIGHT splash you. The food is great.