Mt. Maruyog Farms & Garden Resort: Brooke’s Point’s Pride

This mountain resort has several air-conditioned cottages for overnight stay, a swimming pool for adults and a kiddie pool, a sports area with facilities and a restaurant which serves local cuisines, thus an ideal family-bonding haven.

A nature park and garden nestled at the foot of Mt. Maruyog, a medium-high mountain which is visible and easily recognizable in any part of the town because of its pointed peak. This peak is part of the Mt. Matalingahan mountain range that traverses the mid-section of southern Palawan.

The resort is an ideal location for nature lovers and guests who just want simple privacy and peaceful commune with nature. It is a place to rest and relax away from the hustle and bustle of urban and city life. Its amenities and facilities are very basic but adequate to provide guests with ample comfort and memorable experience at a very reasonable cost. The resort is located in a very rural setting surrounded by a community of “Palawan” indigenous peoples.

You can find out more at maruyogresort . com