Peace and Order

· The attainment and preservation of peace and order is a universal concern and aspiration of all individuals.
· But, the over-all in-charge in the enforcement and maintenance of peace and order in the municipality is a coordinated effort of the Philippine National Police, PNP-Maritime, Philippine Coastguard, the local government units, and members of the local community.
· In 2008, the police-population ratio was 1:1,640, relatively low beyond the standard of 1:1,000. And the crime rate was 1.71% per 1,000 population.

· Considering the increasing number of population and the coming in of new business establishments in Brooke’s Point, there is a need for additional policemen in the area.

· According to PNP record, the total volume of crimes that occurred from January to December 2008 more than doubled to 98 incidents or 139% from the 2007 level of 41.

· Most of the crimes reported in 2008 are categorized as index crimes such as those committed both against property (47.95%) like theft, damage to property and estafa, crimes against person (35.71%) such as physical injuries, murder, and parricide, and crimes against chastity (16.32%) as violation of RA 9262, and rape.

· The Municipality of Brooke’s Point is generally peaceful. The people are peace-loving, accommodating, and hospitable. However, policemen should maintain their role as models as the aim to achieve a peaceful community can never be attained without the confidence and trust of the people to the PNP.

· On public safety, the Bureau of Fire Protection has a total manpower of 9 firemen, or a fireman-population ratio of 1:6,379 which is way below the standard of 1:1,000.

· Fire services are carried out through the two (2) existing firetrucks complete with necessary equipments for fire prevention.

· One incidence of fire due to flammable liquid was reported in 2008.

Crime statistics are often better indicators of prevalence of law enforcement and willingness to report crime than actual prevalence.
Peace and order accelerates socio-economic development, pave the way for a vibrant economy, sustainable development of the total crimes, the DCPO reported that only 250 remain unsolved.

But what really baffled the city police, and also the residents, was an increase in the number of index crimes committed the whole of 2008, which was a total of 1,059 as compared to 685 in 2007.The city police, however, boasted of having solved 812 of 1,059 index crimes recorded in 2008. They have yet to solve the remaining 247 index crimes.