What Are Some Nice Places To Visit In The Philippines, Particularly

I agree with the the first person to answer. But just to add. If you are into historical places, I suggest you go to Fort Santiago or Intramuros, which is actually conveniently located near the airport. If I’m not mistaken, if you go along Roxas Boulevard, you will see a medieval-looking (because it IS medieval) fortress. Actually, there are a lot of tourist attractions near the airport. There’s Nayong Pilipino, which has replicas of all the famous sights in all of the Philippines. There’s also Luneta Park where the National Hero, Jose Rizal, was executed. But if you are planning to really get around and if you have time, I suggest you go to the provinces. There’s Tagaytay, where you’ll find the famous Taal Volcano. There’s Bicol, where you can find the Mayon Volcano. There’s Baguio, which is probably the coldest place you could go to in the Philippines (It’s a plateau, so I suggest you get a really good and trustworthy driver to get there, because the road is winding). In Pangasinan, there’s the famous Hundred Islands. There are also breath-taking beaches that you could go to. There’s Pagudpud up north in Ilocos Norte, if you’re looking for the tranquil, relaxing kind of beach. If you really want bars, restaurants, and five-star hotels, go to Boracay, which is, despite the commercialization, the most beautiful beach you would ever see. The sand is fine and white, and the water is so clear you could see the fishes swimming around your feet. It’s truly amazing. I hope you enjoy your trip to the Philippines! And I hope you can make use of the information I have given. And try the food! The Philippines has amazing food! And if you’re daring enough, try some of the exotic ones too.