What Do I Do To Keep From Catching Something When I Travel To

I’ve been to the Philippines four times already. The worse “bug” I ever got was a minor case of diarrhea. Here’s a few tips: 1. Never drink the water. Buy bottled water always. 2. Don’t order anything with ice. Same problems as #1. 3. Try to insure that your food is well cooked, esp. pork and beef. 4. The food vendors who sell from street carts are not regulated in any way by the Health and Food Dept. so be wary of what you eat from them. 5. If you drink soda from the bottle, ALWAYS use a straw. 6. If you order a drink at the bar always keep it within site. Many females have been drugged and sexually assaulted this way. 7. Always……always….ALWAYS use a condom. Bring plenty of them with you. Most drug stores are not allowed to sell them, so they are hard to find. 8. Bring anti-diarrheal medicines with you. They are also hard to find there. Good Luck Good Luck