What Should I Do With My Electric Guitar? – Brookes Point Palawan

I’ll be moving to the Philippines in over a few months. I have an electric guitar I want to bring with me. Fortunately, the nature of the guitar can be dissassembled into seperate parts for easier shipping.
1) Should I dissasemble my guitar and carefully pack it with the items, that will be shipped to PI via “balikbayan” type shipping boxes.
2) Or should I just keep my guitar whole (in its case) and bring it with me on the plane? We’ll be flying on Philippine Airlines
3) If I ship the guitar parts spearately in “balikbayan” boxes, will I risk the guitar parts being stolen while being shipped? Or is it better for me to bring the guitar with me on the airplane? What would be my risks?
Anyone with experience traveling to Philippines shipping or bringing guitars over to Philipppines?
I’d be really grateful for any advise or recommendations concerning this, thank you.
Looking forward to hearing from your replies. Again, thanks.